27th October 2020


Covid-19 update

During the Covid-19 pandemic The Hourglass will not be available in printed form, but continue as an online publication as long as funds allow. To help keep The Hourglass going we have started a crowdfunder – click here to find out more.

Becoming a distributor

The Hourglass is distributed by a growing network of XR volunteers across the UK. If you are interested in distributing The Hourglass, contact us at distributionxrnewspaper@gmail.com. First we will need to check that the newspaper isn’t already being distributed in your area. If it is, we will put you in touch with your local newspaper coordinator who can supply you with copies and advise you how and where best to distribute. Otherwise, by default, you become your own local newspaper coordinator and order newspapers directly from us; it is then up to you to supervise distribution in your area by finding other volunteers (e.g. at local XR group meetings) or going it alone if you feel you can manage. The newspaper is free and there is no cost to receive newspapers.

Where to distribute

There is a whole range of approaches to distributing, including handing out to railway commuters, to pedestrians in busy thoroughfares, leaving on train/bus seats, taking round cafes, bookshops, community centres, waiting-rooms, libraries, colleges, events, festivals, XR actions, as well as going door-to-door in residential areas. Feel free also to approach local independent distributors in your area who might be sympathetic to the environmental cause and up for including the paper in their existing rounds – Opus Distribution in Sheffield are a wonderful example of this.

Join our Facebook distribution group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/888997331464965/