28th October 2020

Meet the team

Zion Lights – Lead Editor

Zion Lights is a science communicator known for her environmental advocacy work. She is author of the evidence-based book The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting and the poetry collection Only a Moment. Zion has an MSc in Science Communication from UWE and is a TEDx speaker.  www.zionlights.co.uk  Twitter @ziontree

Rhys Handley – News Writer

Rhys Handley is a freelance journalist from Doncaster. Now based in London, he balances reporting and activism with a part-time MA in film studies at King’s College London. Twitter: @RhysHandley2113

Angus Barr – Distribution

Angus is the UK distribution coordinator for The Hourglass. He’s learning on the job.

Philip Kingslan John – Comix Rebel/Funny Page Coordinator

Philip Kingslan John is an illustrator and theatre-maker. His background is in education; he worked for nine years as a secondary school teacher, and continues to pursue a myriad of educational and social value projects under the banner of his theatre company, Four of Swords. His first love has always been comics. www.four-of-swords.com